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Demolish the House Edge with These 3 Simple Card-Counting Tactics

Blackjack basic strategy is important. Playing exactly according to basic strategy, at a table with decent rules, can reduce the house's edge against a blackjack player to half of a percent. This makes blackjack one of the best games on the casino floor, especially for advantage gamblers.

If you're the type of player that just can't handle even a -0.5% return, overcome the long term with these three basic card-counting tactics.

Remember that there is no way to consistently beat the house besides gaining an advantage through keeping track of the cards removed from play. Whether you're new to the game and just want a leg up on the casino or a person who has been using a basic card count for years, the methods below will help you improve your odds against the house.

An advanced basic strategy will help you step your blackjack game up and reduce the casino's edge from that 0.5% mark to something a little closer to a positive expectation. Your results will vary based on how well you learn and apply the tactic.

This method requires you learn basic game strategy first. After that, you're instructed in how to pay attention to the cards showing on the game table. The idea is to gain insight into the number of high-value versus low-value cards remaining in the shoe.

Some writers call this process "counting the table" in order to differentiate it from a traditional card counting practice. Though you won't be keeping the kind of complex count that made the MIT blackjack team famous, you are essentially engaging in card-counting by following this method.

How does it work? Simply take stock of the exposed cards for every hand at the table, all players and the dealer. Start by counting the number of ten-point cards ("high cards") and the cards worth between two and five points ("low cards"). This count is really simple because there are an equal number of these high and low cards in every deck.


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